Public Housing Services

Greene Metropolitan Housing Authority (GMHA) is a public housing program that is designed to help Greene County citizens and their families with affordable housing options. GMHA is a non-profit agency located in Xenia, Ohio.

Serving Greene County

Our agency owns and manages over 200 Family Units. These units are unique because they are dispersed throughout Greene county. Family units consist of two, three, and four-bedroom homes, townhomes, and garden apartments.

Additionally, GMHA owns and manages over 100 1 Bedroom Units. This is housing for our elderly and disabled individuals. These units are generally ground-level apartments.

Our affordable public housing communities include; Beavercreek, Cedarville, Fairborn, Xenia, and Yellow Springs.

Greene Metropolitan Housing Authority is dedicated to serving our community year-round and we welcome any questions you may have. Contact our Xenia Ohio office today to get your questions answered.

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