Complete The Application Forms

All applications are available at the GMHA office, during business hours or by using the following forms.

Thoroughly Complete the GMHA Application and Return It To:

United States social security number cards lies on Application from social security administration

Download the GMHA application form(s) linked above and thoroughly complete it.. Return Your Application to:

Greene Metropolitan Housing Authority
538 North Detroit Street
Xenia, OH 45385

Applications can also be faxed to 937-376-2487 or emailed to

With your application, include the following:

  • Copy of Social Security cards for all family members
  • Copy of Birth Certificates for all family members
  • Picture ID for all family members age 18 or older

There are five eligibility requirements for admission to these programs. There are also preference considerations for Family, Elderly, Single Pregnant or Single Disabled.

Housing Preferences:

GMHA operates with “preference criteria” in determining housing priorities, based upon current living situations.

woman child 280

When requested, you will be asked to provide verification for each preference you have selected. If verification of your selected preference(s) cannot be verified, you will not be eligible for those preference points.

Any changes in preferences must be reported immediately. Submission of false information may result in loss of eligibility to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Public Housing or Yellow Springs Village Greene Program and is punishable under federal law.

  • Family – Applicant, whose household has at least one child; or verifying expected reunification with their child or children within 6 months
  • Elderly – Head, spouse, or sole member; is at least age 62.
  • Single Pregnant – A pregnant woman
  • Single Disabled – A single disabled person.
  • Domestic Violence – Applicant is a victim of actual or threatened physical violence; or is a stalking victim.
  • The applicant has been displaced – The applicant has been displaced by the inaccessibility of a unit either by a hate crime, the landlord no longer leasing due to the sale of the property, renovation, or occupying the unit themselves.
  • Substandard Housing – Living in a unit that is dilapidated, and/or the unit has been condemned. Does not have a usable toilet, and/or a usable bathtub or shower. Does not have electric service or safe electrical service, does not have heat (not due to non-payment) or does not have a kitchen.
  • Homeless – A person is considered homeless only when he/she resides in a place not meant for human habitation, such as cars, parks, sidewalks, or abandon buildings (on the street). Is in an emergency shelter, transitional or supportive housing for homeless persons who originally came from the streets or emergency shelters, an applicant who is spending a brief time in the hospital or other institution. (Up to 30 Days).
  • Working/Disabled /Elderly – The head of household or spouse works at least 20 hours per week and has been working for at least 90
    days at his/her present job or; sole member or head and spouse is disabled or is age 62 or older.
  • Involuntarily Displaced – Applicant has been displaced because of fire, natural disaster, or government action.
  • Near Elderly – Applicant, who is at least age 50, but not yet age 62
  • Paying more than 50% of Income for Rent – Currently paying more than 50% of income for rent and utilities and has for 90 days.
  • Overcrowded Household – Applicant is residing were two or more families reside, or more than two people per bedroom.
  • US Veteran – Applicant can provide a copy of DD-214 as verification that head or spouse is a US Veteran.
  • Local Concern – Applicant currently lives and/or works in Greene County.
  • Money Management – Applicant has completed the Money Management course thru the OSU Extension office.

Any changes in preference must be reported immediately.