We Encourage Landlords To Participate in Section 8

Greene Metropolitan’s Housing Choice Voucher Program serves approximately 1436 families throughout Greene County. The HCVP supports the typical leasing arrangement between a property owner and a renter, providing a monthly subsidy payment to the property owner on behalf of the renter to fill the gap between what the renter can afford to pay and the actual market rent amount. GMHA has guidelines that each property owner must adhere to as a participant in this program. The property owner is responsible for screening and approving potential residents, continuously maintaining quality housing, and enforcing the renter’s lease. GMHA’s staff will always be available to assist you with any questions.

Greene Metropolitan Housing Authority (GMHA), encourages landlords with property outside of lower-income neighborhoods to participate in the Section 8 Program.

2022 – 2023 Payment Standards effective 5/18/2022

Bedroom Size Payment Standard:
0 Bedroom 667.00
1 Bedroom 748.00
2 Bedroom 959.00
3 Bedroom 1280.00
4 Bedroom 1373.00
5 Bedroom 1579.00
6 Bedroom 1784.00

Bedroom SizePayment Standard
0 Bedroom667.00
1 Bedroom748.00
2 Bedroom959.00
3 Bedroom1280.00
4 Bedroom1373.00
5 Bedroom1579.00
6 Bedroom1784.00

GHMA encourages landlords with property outside of lower-income neighborhoods to participate in the Section 8 Program. Participation in GMHA’s HCVP provides all the following benefits:

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Why Become A Landlord?

Participation in GMHA’s HCVP provides all of the following benefits:

Guaranteed Rent Payments

GMHA will pay your Housing Assistance Payment (HAP), the portion of the rent that covers the gap between what the resident can afford to pay based on income and what the market demands — on time every month and paid directly to you via direct deposit.

Free Advertising!

Advertise your available property for free by contacting our office to add your available unit to a list given to every client searching for housing and added to the list on our website.

You Choose Your Own Residents

Select and screen your Housing Choice Voucher resident the same way you select any other resident.


You sign a contract with the Housing Authority and a Lease with the resident. Your relationship with the resident is virtually like that of any other resident on the open market.

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