HQS are the minimum standards set by HUD that a unit must meet to be considered acceptable for the Section 8 program.

All units, under the Section 8 program, must comply with Housing Quality Standards (HQS) both at initial occupancy and during the term of the assisted lease.

The following items are the key aspects of HQS:

  1. Site and neighborhood
  2. Access
  3. Structure and materials
  4. Space and security
  5. Sanitary facilities
  6. Food preparation and refuse disposal
  7. Thermal environment
  8. Illumination and electricity
  9. Interior air quality
  10. Water supply
  11. Sanitary condition
  12. Smoke detectors
  13. Lead-based paint

Rent Reasonableness: Each unit inspected will also be certified that the approved contract rent is reasonable in relation to rents charged for comparable units in the private unassisted market.

Factors taken in consideration will be:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Type
  • Quality
  • Amenities
  • Facilities
  • Management
  • Maintenance services